About the name

I am a Computer Science Graduate from Georgia Tech, a professional developer, a homebrewer, and a bartender. I have many hobbies and diversions, but two of my greatest passions are programming and alcohol culture. I enjoy everything about mixing drinks, creating new beers, and programming throughout. As such, I felt it was only fair to honor my passions in the title to this blog, as well as in many of my projects (see future posts about Java drinking games, robotic bartenders, and the like).

What to expect

If you are reading this line, you have about the attention span necessary for my posts. I will be updating on an approximately weekly schedule, typically with an update on a current project containing a code snippet or design blueprint alongside a blurb of what it does or why I need it. I will try not to bore you with detailed analysis of the efficiency of certain methods, but it may help to have some understanding of programming or electronics. That being said, I will include plenty of pretty pictures and write in my clearest English (as checked by my English major girlfriend).

So grab a drink, settle in and enjoy the blog!


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